Works by
Michael Talbot

"Salvation: Redux" Exhibition Showcase (2022)

Salvation: Redux is an ongoing exhibition showcase currently up at Diesel Cafe until the end of September, 2022.

For this showcase, Michael created and curated a select body of work inspired by Richard Nattoo's Salvation Exhibition Series (2020-2022), serving as an unofficial continuation and extension to Nattoo's work.

Click here for more info about the showcase!

Salvation: Redux exhibition poster

Murals and Public Art

- "Natural Wonders" @ Boston Children's Hospital
Located in the Hale building of the Boston Children's Hospital, the "Natural Wonders" Series is a collection of vinyl wall decals highlighting a variety of natural wonders, both on and off-planet. These illustrations were designed and executed by Michael Talbot in association with L'Attitude Art.

Boston Children's Hospital, as well as these wall decals can be found at 300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115.

  • Completed mural
  • mural progress shot 1
  • mural progress shot 3
  • section of the mural design
  • section of the mural design

- "Bubble Wall" @ Boston Children's Hospital
Located in the Fegan building of the Boston Children's Hospital, the "Bubble Wall" is a 140-sqare-foot mural designed and illustrated by Michael Talbot in association with L'Attitude Art.

Boston Children's Hospital, as well as this mural can be found at 300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115.

  • Completed mural
  • mural progress shot 1
  • mural progress shot 3
  • section of the mural design

- "Artisanal" @ Deano's Pasta
Located in East Somerville at a local family-owned, handmade-pasta shop, "Artisanal" is a 1000-sqare-foot mural designed, and painted by Michael Talbot in association with East Somerville Main Streets.

"My aim and approach with this mural was not just to highlight the business and what they do, but provide the viewers with an introspective dialogue to the statement ‘You are what you love.’

One of the main things that stood out to me about Deano’s Pasta is how dedicated they are to their process and promise of handmade and hand-packaged pasta. And with them being a generational family business that steadily passes on the traditions, practices, and knowledge to whoever is next in line, I felt like the word ‘Artisanal’ was an appropriate description and statement of authenticity, and as such I went with it as the title for the design."

Deano's Pasta, as well as this mural can be found at 15 Garfield Ave, Somerville MA 02145.

  • Completed mural
  • mural progress shot 1
  • mural progress shot 3
  • mural progress shot 6
  • mural progress shot 10

- "The Meeting Doors" by Arx Urban
The Meeting House Doors Project is a collaborative art installation which involved gathering four local artists to paint murals on apartment doors at a mixed-income housing site in Dorchester, MA. The artists that took part in this project each painted the nine doors on their respective floors.

Michael worked in tandem with three other artists:

  • Door 1
  • Door 2
  • Door 3
  • Door 4
  • Door 5
  • Door 6
  • Door 7
  • Door 8
  • Door 9

Children's Books by dr joe

Michael has worked as an illustrator on a number of children's books with author, dr joe. These books follow an fun-loving group of forest animals as they venture through a world reminiscent of the forests of New England.

- "Party Animals"

"Mom didn't have a problem with animals in the forest. But a bug or a mouse in the house freaked her out!!!
All was well until one day, Mouse found the door half open...

To purchase a signed copy of this book, CLICK HERE!

  • Front Cover

- "Tortoise and Hare: THE REMATCH"
"Hare never got over his loss in the legendary race with Tortoise three years ago. Hare was now middle aged, while Tortoise was in his prime. If Hare could have a rematch, he would be able to redeem himself!
But how would he get Tortoise to agree to race?
Now available on and Barnes and Noble!

To purchase a signed copy of this book, CLICK HERE!

  • Front Cover
  • Tortoise close-up
  • Hare close-up
  • Back cover

- "A Forest Tail"
"The animals of the forest wanted a leader. Unable to identify qualities needed for this title, they decide to choose the animal with the longest tail. As the events unfold, the animals realize that a good leader needs a lot more than a long tail."

Now available on and Barnes and Noble!

To purchase a signed copy of this book, CLICK HERE!

  • Front Cover
  • moose and fox
  • Bear and chipmunk
  • Owl Feather

"The Call" - Collaborative Storybook

The Call is an illustrated picture book created, written, and drawn by both Rocky Cotard and Michael Talbot.

This project was done as a response to a collaboration initiative called "Dear So-And-So." The idea is that an artist would start working on a new project, and then pass it off to another artist to expand upon, and then back to the original artist once more, and so on and so forth.
The resulting work encapsulates an essence of a call-and-response, forcing each artist to not just think about their work and process as an isolated experience, but also how someone else's work and process might affect or enhance their own.

To purchase a signed copy of this book, CLICK HERE!

  • Front Cover
  • Sample page 1
  • Sample page 2
  • Sample page 3

"Jamaican Mi Seh Mi ABCs - Commemorative Edition"

Jamaican Mi Seh Mi ABCs is a children's book written by Valrie Kemp-Davis and illustrated by Michael Talbot back in 2015. It takes the classical alphabet book approach and puts a cultural spin to it, weaving aspects of the Jamaican culture into each page. A Commemorative Edition was recently created to highlight a number of additional women who have been instrumental in the growth and celebration of the island of Jamaica.

"So if you think Jamaica is simply coconuts, palm trees, dreadlocks, Drake’s dance song, “Controlla” and Rhianna’s hit tune, “Work”... THEN you’ll be in for a pleasant treat and so much more! This ABC book is the voice and heart of eleven year old Carradice. Though Midwest made and straight out of East Chicago, don’t get it twisted. This young gyal was very much born Jamerican! You are cordially being invited to a JamRock lyrical, patois rhythmic adventure.
Join in as Carradice and Deejay Rewind schools you from A to Z on her father’s culture, foods, heroes, traditions, customs, music... Everyting Mon! She promises that by the time you can say, The End, you will love “Yard” like cooked food and have a greater appreciation for the land of wood and water!
Nuff Respect!!!"

To purchase a signed copy of this book, CLICK HERE!

  • Front cover for a Commemorative Edition
  • Front cover
  • Bus driver going down Flatbridge in Jamaica
  • Little girl drinking tea
  • Yam and oxtail

"Caterpillars Can Fly"

Caterpillars Can Fly is a children's book written by Dino Nicholas and illustrated by Michael Talbot. It follows an ambitious caterpillar who dreamt of flying and how, through transformation, was able to achieve his dream of flight.

"One morning as I was walking in my backyard, I saw a little caterpillar on a leaf. I noticed something strange; it was standing on its hind legs, looking up into the sky. “How odd” I thought, then, I looked up and saw birds flying over head and other flying insects. In that moment I realized this; that the caterpillar had a desire to fly, but in it’s current state it could only dream.
But that is only the Beginning…"

Now available on Lulu, Barnes and Noble and!

To purchase a signed copy of this book, CLICK HERE!

  • Front Cover
  • Caterpillar in insect lounge
  • Sad Caterpillar
  • Back cover

Spilsbury Puzzle Collection

Working in tandem with Spilsbury Puzzles, Michael Talbot created 4 illustrations that were later made into 2 collections of jigsaw puzzles:

"Morning Dew"
"Lady Sing The Blues"
"Moonlight Mellows"

Now available for purchase on the Spilsbury website!

  • Collection of 4 Spilsbury puzzles
  • Morning Dew puzzle
  • Nocturnal puzzle
  • Lady Sings The Blues puzzle
  • Moonlight Mellows puzzle

Aeronaut Brewing Co. Label Designs

Working in tandem with Aeronaut Brewing Co., Michael illustrated 2 unique can designs for their limited run, craft beer.

- "Hidden Mechanism"
A dark lager with toffee and cocoa notes, released in December, 2021. "Hidden Mechanism" is currently available for purchase at Aeronaut's taproom location in Somerville MA, their cannery in Everett MA, as well as various retail locations throughout the Greater Boston area..

  • Can Art
  • Printed and canned beer
  • Selfie with a can of Hidden Mechanism

- "Portal Traverse"
A collaborative project between Aeronaut x Loch Lomond Brewery released in February, 2020. This was a limited run oatmeal stout, which is no longer in circulation.

  • Can Art
  • Printed and canned beer
  • Selfie with a can of Portal Traverse

Nicki Minaj "Chun Li" Merch

Working in tandem with a number of other artists and designers, Michael Talbot created an illustration that was used for official Nicki Minaj merch. The final illustration was implemented in 2 final t-shirt designs depicting Nicki Minaj as "Chun Li."

Feel free to check out the other artists' work as well:

  • Chun Li merch (black)
  • Chun Li merch (cream)
  • Nicki Minaj Chun Li illustration

The "Homage" Series (2020)

The Homage Series is a bi-monthly collaborative art series created by Michael, centered on the premise of paying homage to and highlighting a number of other great artists who've been not just influential, but integral in his art journey and growth.

Past Homage Series collaborations include:
Richard Nattoo
Kaz Oomori
Phoebe Warner

Following the completion of the first installment of the Homage Series, a set of postcards donning the newly created designs were made available to the public to send to anyone they also wanted to pay homage to, free of charge. There was no restriction as to who, or where in the world the postcard was being sent to, just as long as a valid name and mailing address was provided. The catch is that individuals could not request a postcard for themselves, only for someone else.

Interested in participating? Request a postcard here.

  • Homage pt1 - Sea Dragon
  • Homage pt1 - Leatherback Sea Turtle
  • Homage pt1 - Portuguese Man-o-war
  • Homage pt1 - Spiny Lobster
  • Homage pt1 - Sailfish
  • Homage pt1 - Koi Fish
  • Homage pt1 - Foxes
  • Homage pt1 - Harpy Eagle
  • Homage pt1 title

"Fragility" Exhibition Series (2019)

Fragility is an international exhibition series showcased simultaneously around the globe, with each location headed by different artists (in Boston, Jamaica and the UK).
Click here to find out more about the other artists in this exhibition series!

As part of the Boston branch of the Fragility Exhibition Series, Michael showcased a select body of work based on his ongoing graphic novel concept, Atlas.

- Fragility - Part 1
"As Atlas' story comes to light, so do the Guardians who've helped her become who she needs to be... as well as their Fragility".
- Fragility - Part 2
"Our choices never seem to be our own in the end, but that has never stopped us from living the life we always thought we wanted."
- Fragility - Part 3
"An individual's life is only as fragile and as fleeting as a blossoming flower... but it just goes to show that this cycle of Life and Death can be something very beautiful"

Interested in purchasing a piece from the Fragility Series? Download the complete catalogue list here.

  • Fragility poster 1
  • Fragility poster 2
  • Fragility poster 3


- 'As If I Weren't There'
Working in tandem with singer Laurie Akers, Michael Talbot created an animated lyric video for Abigail Pogrebin and Tom Kitt's moving song, As If I Weren't There.

This song is based on an interview that Abigail facilitated with the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. During the interview, RBG referenced a pivotal moment in her childhood that inspired her lifelong career pursuit of justice and equality.

- 'Four Minutes From The Frontlines'
Four Minutes from the Frontlines is an animated glimpse into the struggles of four first-responders on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis: an ER doctor in a New York City hospital, a chaplain in a NYC hospital, a nurse in Jerusalem, and a public health nurse combatting homelessness in California.

A total of four visual artists (Stu Sufrin, Michael Talbot, Josh Philip Saunders and Denise Chan) with unique and distinct styles were paired with each of the first responders who's accounts are depicted. Together with director Sarah Lefton in California; composer Matan Berkowitz in Jaffa; sound designer and editor Sinan Refik Zafar in New York City, and executive producer Flo Low in Washington, DC, this global team shares intimate first-hand accounts from the frontlines of COVID-19.

For more information, visit