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Michael Talbot

Nicki Minaj "Chun Li" Merch

I had the pleasure of creating an illustration that was placed on official Nicki Minaj merch, depicting Nicki Minaj as "Chun Li."

Working in tandem with a number of other artists and designers, the final illustration was implemented in 2 final t-shirt designs.

Feel free to check out the other artists' work as well:

Now available on the official merch website!

  • Chun Li merch (black)
  • Chun Li merch (cream)
  • Nicki Minaj Chun Li illustration

Short Films by Ulya Aviral

- Shut Your Eyes, I'm Gonna Dance
"A trans man's memory search is interrupted by his female alter ego in a surreal garden where he has to reconcile with the place to be free."
Directed, written and produced by Ulya Aviral.
Poster designs by Michael Talbot.

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- My Nature
"A woman escaping from an unending Middle East war by crawling through underground tunnels finds a mysterious path where she recalls her past in a secret language."
Directed, written and produced by Ulya Aviral.
Poster designs by Michael Talbot.

  • 'Shut Your Eyes I'm Gonna Dance' poster
  • 'My Nature' poster

Caterpillars Can Fly

Caterpillars Can Fly is a children's book written by Dino Nicholas and illustrated by Michael Talbot. It follows an ambitious caterpillar who dreamt of flying and how, through transformation, was able to acheive his dream of flight.

"One morning as I was walking in my backyard, I saw a little caterpillar on a leaf. I noticed something strange; it was standing on its hind legs, looking up into the sky. “How odd” I thought, then, I looked up and saw birds flying over head and other flying insects. In that moment I realized this; that the caterpillar had a desire to fly, but in it’s current state it could only dream.
But that is only the Beginning…"

Now available on Lulu, Barnes and Noble and!

  • Front Cover
  • Caterpillar in insect lounge
  • Sad Caterpillar
  • Back cover

Do Road!

Do Road! is a multiplayer game in development for both PC and mobile platforms. Although it focuses on aspects of the Jamaican transportation system, its fun and easy-to-get-into gameplay makes it ideal for any and everyone!

"'Halfway Tree, Cross Road, Town!'
'Papine! UWI Campus!'
'One and ready, two and drive!'

- The all too familiar sounds when traveling through Jamaica's capital city, Kingston. Take to the streets in this fast paced, high-action, competitive multiplayer game and see if you have what it takes to be a true Jamaican Bus Conductor! With over 10 unique characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities, you're in for the journey of a lifetime as you Do Road!"


Atlas is a 3-part graphic novel series written and illustrated by Michael Talbot. This series, though geared towards the teen and young adult audience, is fit for readers both young and old.

- Book 1 - Atlas: Fall from Grace
"When the Guardian of this world discovers he is not the only one like himself, his curiosity and desire for knowledge may just lead to his, and everyone else's downfall."
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- Book 2 - Atlas: A Wrinkle in Time
"Growing up as an orphan, Atlas discovers she has unforseen powers – the ability to control and manipulate time. As she learns more about her abilities, Atlas realizes the burden that now rests on her to claim her rightful title as the Time Guardian, and to face her greatest obstacle... herself."

- Book 3 - Atlas: Restoration
"Despite their history, the Librarian and the Time Guardian both decide to team up to find the remaining Guardians, but as it turns out, some things are better left unbothered."

  • Front cover
  • Librarian Model Sheet
  • Atlas Model Sheet
  • Time Guardian Model Sheet
  • Mother Nature Model Sheet

Jamaican Mi Seh Mi ABCs

Jamaican Mi Seh Mi ABCs is a children's book written by Valrie Kemp-Davis and illustrated by Michael Talbot. It takes the classical alphabet book approach and puts a cultural spin to it, weaving aspects of the Jamaican culture into each page.

"So if you think Jamaica is simply coconuts, palm trees, dreadlocks, Drake’s dance song, “Controlla” and Rhianna’s hit tune, “Work”... THEN you’ll be in for a pleasant treat and so much more! This ABC book is the voice and heart of eleven year old Carradice. Though Midwest made and straight out of East Chicago, don’t get it twisted. This young gyal was very much born Jamerican! You are cordially being invited to a JamRock lyrical, patois rhythmic adventure.
Join in as Carradice and Deejay Rewind schools you from A to Z on her father’s culture, foods, heroes, traditions, customs, music... Everyting Mon! She promises that by the time you can say, The End, you will love “Yard” like cooked food and have a greater appreciation for the land of wood and water!
Nuff Respect!!!"

Now available on Barnes and Noble and!

  • Front cover
  • Bus driver going down Flatbridge in Jamaica
  • Little girl drinking tea
  • Yam and oxtail