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While We're Still Here...


While We’re Still Here is a perpetual series and an ongoing showcase of appreciation, which explores the idea of paying respects or homage to the people who are important to you by giving them their flowers while they’re still with us. Each flower depicted is symbolic of a different person who may embody a specific role within our lives, encouraging us to shed some light on these individuals and show appreciation for all they’ve done for us. As time goes on, this collective series will steadily grow to include more and more pieces, indicative of a growing family of individuals represented who deserve to get their flowers.

As it is in life there are no guarantees, and there may be individuals who embody these roles for us who have already transitioned. These instances act as an encouragement as well as a reminder that though an opportunity may have been missed, we can still honor those who we respect and love while we’re still here.

Pieces created for this showcase are NOT for sale, and will be given as gifts to the respective represented individuals. For inquiries on how to get involved and send your own flowers, please contact Michael Talbot directly at or call/text (508) 948-5653.

The Guardian(s)

To the parental figure(s) in our lives who shower us with unwavering love, care, and protection...

These are your flowers — Cinquefoil

The Spark

To the one who ignites, fosters, and nurtures the discovery of our inner passion and drive...

These are your flowers — Iris

The Guide

To the guiding light in our lives, the one who is our compass and beacon in the darkest of times...

These are your flowers — Solidago

The Rival

To the one who keeps us in check, who inspires us and motivates us to be and do better...

These are your flowers — Black-Eyed Susan

The Explorer

To the one who encourages us to spread our wings and go beyond the boundaries of what we initially thought was possible...

These are your flowers — Bird of Paradise

The Teacher

To the one who educates us, and waters us daily and fosters our growth to be the best we can be...

These are your flowers — Begonia

The Protoje

To the one who follows in our footsteps, carefully watching, learning, and growing — not in our shadow, but in their own light...

These are your flowers — Daisy

The Mentor

To the one we look up to, who is living proof of what it looks like to grow into one's full potential...

These are your flowers — Carnation

The Support

To the unwavering believer who has never doubted our greatness, the visionary who has always given us our flowers even when we questioned whether we truly deserved them...

These are your flowers — Bluebell

The Stranger

To the stranger we pass on the street, not knowing their struggle nor what they go through on a day to day basis to overcome these hardships, and the beauty and potential they possess that we simply just haven't had the honor and pleasure of witnessing as yet...

These are your flowers — Crocus

The Dreamer

To the one who never let the world tell them that their dreams are too big or unrealistic. Who encourages everyone else they come in contact with to never be afraid to dream, and strive for what you want and believe in...

These are your flowers — Forget-me-not

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