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Michael Talbot

More Than Acquaintances


"As Life and Death stood face to face, there was no annimosity to be found - just understanding, respect, and love for everything they were, and will ever be."

More Than Acquaintances explores the delicately intertwined relationship between Life and Death, through the lens of an old Caretaker, and a young Flower Girl, his daughter. Through endless fields of flowers complimented by a vast, star-lit night sky, this showcase aims to highlight these correlated states of being, while urging the viewers to consider their own assumptions and understanding of what it means for someone to truly live, as well as to truly die.

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Nights Like These

Price: $10,000

Nights like these I often find myself lost... blissfully so. By myself but never alone, I accompany Death out on the endless flower fields as the vast night sky envelops me in a warm, welcoming embrace. Solitude amidst the void always made me feel so... ALIVE.

Letting Go

*** NOT FOR SALE ***

I invite you, the viewer, to be part of this experience -

Look to your left, pick up a pen or marker from the pedestal, and write directly on the piece, something or someone you wish to let go the memory of... Let them, and you, finally be at rest.

TLC (To Live Cherished)

Price: $3,000

We all deserve TLC.

The Ballad Of Life And Death

Price: $5,000

"The Ballad of Life"

There once was a man who would wrestle the stars,
And bottle them up in tiny jars.
With these he then would craft and care;
The countless souls that Life holds dear.

And with each seed, he'd carefully plant
The same cosmic power he wished to grant.
And over time, this power grew
With every flower, to then a new.

As each one blossomed, a soul complete,
He'd watch her pick them from their flowery seat.
And finally standing face to face with Death,
Life simply smiles, and says "Well met."

"The Ballad of Death"

There once was a little girl
Who grew flowers from around the world.
And as they bloomed, each life consumed,
To release a beautiful pearl

These pearls she held so tight,
She'd protect with all her might...
Then guide them home, among stars that shone
Into the beautiful night.

At home among her kin,
She noticed Life's little grin.
Death smiled as well, because she could tell
He'd care for her, and everything else within

TLC (To Leave Content)

Price: $3,000

We all deserve TLC.

Holding On

*** NOT FOR SALE ***

I invite you, the viewer, to be part of this experience -

Look to your right, pick up a pen or marker from the pedestal, and write directly on the piece, the name of something or someone you wish to hold on to the memory of... Keep them close, so that you'll never forget.

Transitions I, II, & III

Price: $1,500 each

As the Water Lily blooms, let's take a moment - however fleeting it might be - to appreciate the delicate beauty we were blessed to have been able to experience while we're still here.

In Tandem

Price: $3,000

Life and Death...

One does not exist without the other, nor do they exist in spite of each other. They are more than acquaintances, they understand each other, and they work in complete harmony... in tandem.

Collected I, II, & III

Price: $1,500 each

Take a moment to understand who you are in this very moment...

You are here.
You are present.

But you are way more than what this finite moment could ever define you to be. Everything you ever were, are, and ever could be is collected into this marvelous, unique vessel achored to this moment in time... and you are bursting at the seams with beauty and potential.

Etched In Our Souls

*** NOT FOR SALE ***

There is a story in each of us — constructed with words of power, passion, reverence, and wonder.

As the light of our souls shine against the Absence, I encourage you to embrace those stories... who you were, who you are, and who you want to be — the cosmic language that defines our collective Existence.

Everything In Its Time

Price: $3,000

Life does not play favourites...
Death is not vindictive...

Instead, we all answer to Time. Let's pray she's in a generous mood...

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